A great cup of tea works wonders. Tea enthusiasts can attest to the delicious taste and healthful benefits of indulging in their daily tea rituals. Tea comes in so many flavors, textures, aromas all with beneficial attributes to enlighten your mind and brighten your day. Wake up to a cup of tea, sit and relax and visit over a cup of tea, warm up your soul and enliven your spirit with a cup of tea with all you need to know about purchasing, storing, preparing your favorite cup of tea at My Tea Cupboard. The health benefits of tea have been known for centuries, so sit down with your favorite cup of tea and peruse this website to find all the information about tea you need.



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Enjoy these delicious green tea cupcakes and chai tea latte cupcakes that are easy to make and the rave of any tea party.

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Tea is a popular iced or hot beverage that has been consumed for several millennia. Pure tea is made from the leaves, roots and stems from the shrub Camellia sinensis native to China and India. Other types of plants are also used in tea, but to a tea purist only black, green, white and oohlong tea from this special plant offer the most important health benefits.
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